New Patient Registration

Welcome to Grasspax™
This is the starting point for future Milkmen and new patients alike. Technically, all those who enjoy our services are “patients” so you gotta do it. No big deal. Thanks for understanding.

How it works
Step 1: Register with Grasspax.
Step 2: Your Modern Milkman™ will be in contact with you.
Step 3: Based on our menu, place an order with him directly.
Step 4: Have a great day.
Your password will be automatically emailed to the email address you provide.

What’s really going on

After you register there will be no need for you to login again unless you want to change your patient information. You will be in contact with your Milkman directly from this point on. We need you to setup an account in order to collect your vitals per the law.

Milkmen are a different story
For the Milkmen there will be tools to grow your business and guidance to manage it. Milkmen will be in here all the time.

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