We are fun guys that offer a team and culture centered around providing cannabis. Cannabis is becoming more acceptable and legal. There is a ton of opportunity in this burgeoning industry.

Live First, Work Second!

We allow autonomy and the ability for milk men to pick and choose your patients as well as what times they want to work Try different Ideas to source patients and fail a few times

Things you’ll love about delivering for Grasspax!

  • Autonomy and not being in an office (Let me tell you, meeting with the guys or following them while on their route is fun, it so nice to travel the city and see different people throughout the day! All while making cash. Instant gratification!)
  • Working with a product you love
  • You choose your patients, this is not a retail job where you must pander to whoever comes through the door.

Things You’ll Hate

  • Most Milkmen consume less cannabis after a few weeks of being around it regularly
  • You will earn a lot of cash all at once and it can be overwhelming at the beginning

Grasspax Is Here For Your Needs

We are looking to make each Milkman be successful as he or she can be. You will need to be self disciplined and have money management skills. If you don’t, we teach you these skills.

We allow a profit split per delivery

As a start up we have developed:

  • A style & what routes to travel, where are the best areas to go
  • A culture we show you how to develop the relationships you need to to build to be successful
  • Core Values & how to further yourself in this industry through training and mentoring